cara ke nusa penida dari ubud

Fast Boat To Nusa Penida from Bali

For people who like traveling the world, Bali may be the most famous tourist destination for outsiders, both from within their own country or overseas. However, if you are bored with Bali and want to experience another island that is no less beautiful and has easy access from Bali, maybe Nusa Penida can be an alternative for those who are already bored with the atmosphere of the island of Bali. Access to Nusa Penida is relatively easy; you can take a fast boat to Nusa Penida by hiring the services of available tour and travel agents.

cara ke nusa penida dari ubud

Your adventure in Nusa will definitely be a more memorable experience and have something different than before. With a clean and natural atmosphere as well as a fishing village environment that looks beautiful. The number of tourist attractions you can visit in Nusa Penida is a worthy place to consider for those looking for tourist locations to fill feeds on Instagram.

There is no doubt that the natural beauty of Nusa Penida is starting to show great potential for the top list that must be visited if you are already on the island of Bali because, with access to fast boat transportation to Nusa Penida which is currently available, it doesn’t take long for tourists to this island.

About Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida comes from the Balinese language, meaning Nusa means island. Penida comes from two syllables, Ped and Ida, meaning Ped is death, and Ida implies power. So if interpreted literally, Nusa Penida means an island with tremendous and deadly force. The natural conditions on this island consist of land and hills surrounded by white sandy seas.

Many local residents work as seaweed farmers or fishermen, but since 2014, tourist areas in Nusa Penida have snowballed. This development has caused many local residents of Nusa Penida to change their livelihood, resort accommodation, or transportation, one of which is the fast boat to Nusa Penida, which usually departs from Sanur, Bali, to Nusa Penida.

Surely travelers can’t wait to explore this island, especially the location with its own characteristics and local residents who will warmly welcome it later. Fast Boats are provided by tour and travel agents for transportation that can be reached at this time, one of which is Gowisata Nusa Penida, which provides only reliable and reliable services in Nusa Penida with departures through the Port of Sanur.

How to Get From Sanur To Nusa Penida

Located in Denpasar, Bali, which is located on Jl. Hang Tuah, Sanur, Denpasar, which survives adjacent to the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. This port has 2 first places to go to Nusa Lembongan tourist sites and the main one for fast boats to Nusa Penida. At this port, there will be several fast boat ticket companies. Still, Gowisata Nusa Penida will provide more competitive prices and services that will be more memorable if you use their tour and travel services on the island of Nusa Penida.

Fast boat Nusa Penida

With a fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida, which of course, provides facilities that are equivalent to international standards, such as life jackets according to the capacity of fast boats, compass, GPS, life rafts, and fast boat captains and crews who are very reliable and friendly, for the ticket price itself The following varies for the price list:

ANGEL BILLABONGRp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
THE TANIRp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
MARUTIRp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
STARFISHRp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
AXE STONERp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
SEMABURp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
THE ANGKAL KUSAMBARp. 100.000/ $6,89Rp. 135.000/ $9,31
IDOLARp. 65.000/ $4.22Rp. 135.000/ $9,31

You can check the departure schedule here:

Nusa Penida Fast Boat Schedule


Sanur – Toya Pakeh : 07.30 | 09.00 | 15.00
Toya Pakeh – Sanur : 07.30 | 12.30 | 16.00

TANIS Express :

Sanur – Br. Nyuh : 8.00 | 12.00
Br. Nyuh – Sanur : 10.00 | 16.30


Sanur – Br. Nyuh : 07.30 | 08.00 | 13.00
Br. Nyuh – Sanur : 08.00 |13.30 | 16.30


Sanur – Penida : 7.30 |8.30 | 4.00 | 17.00
Penida – Sanur : 6.30 | 7.30| 13.00 | 16.00

Sanur – Br. Nyuh : 08.15 | 09.00 | 11.00
Br. Nyuh – Sanur : 14.15 | 16.30 | 17.00


Sanur – Br. Nyuh : 8.00
Br. Nyuh – Sanur : 16.30


Sanur – Sampalan
 : 08.15
Sampalan – Sanur : 16.30

The Angkal:

Kusamba – Sampalan
 : 06.30 | 07.00 | 08.00 | 09.30 | 11.45 | 13.45 | 16.00 | 17.00
Sampalan – Kusamba : 06.30 | 07.00, | 07.30 | 08.00 | 10.45 | 12.45 |14.30 | 16.00

Nusa Penida Tourist Attraction

Suppose you have arrived with a fast boat Nusa Penida. In that case, you will be greeted with high and charming coral cliffs, and the beauty of the white sand beaches between them are like Hidden-gems that will give tourists a more sense of exploration.

So many beaches can be visited in Nusa Penida, such as Broken Beach and Atuh Beach; this white sand beach is stunning. In the past, this tourist attraction was rarely visited because of inadequate access. Still, slowly but surely, the road infrastructure began to develop rapidly, making it easier for tourists to access the beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida.

Besides that, the view from the high cliff is also a unique attraction; the beautiful sunset view from the earth’s horizon will be more clearly visible, not to mention the underwater ecosystem, which is still very, very original, making us feel at home for extended snorkeling on the island of Nusa Penida.

What to Bring on Vacation to Nusa Penida?

But remember, before you go, make sure to bring combat equipment while on vacation, such as hats and glasses, because the weather on this island is hotter than in Bali, especially when you want to climb the cliffs, and don’t forget to use sunscreen or sunblock to keep your skin from being exposed to the sun.

Make sure the funds you carry are enough. The fast boat to Nusa Penida budget must be included on vacation because the fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida is currently the only transportation used. Don’t forget hiking boots if you want to go to Nusa Penida Island because the road here is still a rock. Not to mention if you want to see the view from the cliff that will really hypnotize you. The last one is a cellphone with enough data because you definitely want to post to social your media is how beautiful this island is, right?

There is no doubt that Nusa Penida Island will take you to a different tourist location from before, so do budgeting now by ordering a fast boat Bali to Nusa Penida ticket through Gowisata tour and travel services so you won’t mess up your holiday goals! So are you ready to explore the island of Nusa Penida travelers?