Sightseeing Eastern and Snorkeling

12 Hours

 Menjelajahi Tour ke Nusa Penida Timur with extra Snorkeling 

Want to enjoy the East Nusa Penida Tour + Snorkeling? you will visit one of the destinations that are ideal for tourists who want to vacation on this island

Banyak dari kamu mencari paket wisata yang murah, lengkap dengan snorkeling dan harga yang terjangkau. khusus buat kalian, kami menyediakan paket nusa penida murah.

We have all the solutions you've been looking for. We provide Nusa Penida Tour Packages affordable prices, satisfying and complete service. Apart from that, we are also currently providing promos for all tour packages to the island of Nusa Penida

Destinasi yang akan dikunjungi Nusa Penida Timur

  1. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is one of the recommended beaches for you to visit the east side of this island. Beaches with characters that are almost similar to the character of the beaches on this island. but there is something special about this beach, namely the island which is shaped like a diamond and with natural steps made of stone

In addition, this beach has a beautiful view from the top of the cliff, with steps that make it even more exotic.

The distance from the harbor to this place, it takes about 45 minutes to travel down a winding road with views of the island's authentic life.

2. Atuh Beach

Pantai atuh nusa penida

Destination The 2nd thing you will visit when choosing this tour package is Atuh BeachAccess to this beach is very easy, the location is also close to other tourist objects. To get to the beach, you have to go down hundreds of stairs. For those of you who are on vacation to this island for the first time, use comfortable clothes and other equipment as comfortably as possible.

3. Tree House Nusa Penida

Tree House Nusa Penida

The 3rd tourist object that you visit if you choose the east as your vacation destination is Tree House. One of tourist attraction which we can recommend for you to visit. The best photo spot is on the stairs in the tree house.

4. Thousand Island

Thousand island

Those of you who want to enjoy the scenery in Thousand Island  which has a character resembling the king of five, if you can try to come to this tourist attraction. The view of the island is not inferior to the five kings in Lombok.

Tujuan Spot Snorkeling

1. Manta Bay

Manta bay nusa penida

Manta Bay Bali itself is located in the west of the island of Nusa Penida or more precisely in Tanjung Pandan. So if you are interested in visiting this place, there are several means of transportation that usually use a ferry or speed boat to access this tourist spot.

2. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay  is a strategic location to watch the sunset when the sun goes down.

In fact, the scenery on this beach is not inferior to that in Tanah Lot.

Because of this, many photographers come to capture the beautiful sunset at this tourist spot.

For those of you who want to see a more extraordinary view, there is a hill located on the west coast.

3. Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is one of the snorkeling spots whose underwater beauty is still awake.

This spot is located on Gamat beach which is on the west side of the island of Nusa Penida. Not many people are familiar with this beach and snorkeling spot, so it's still relatively new.

4. Gt Bay

The last snorkeling spot is named Jetty Point. In this place you can find various types of coral with small fish that live there.

The underwater beauty is also quite awake, with views of the jetty fish that live there.


Land Tour And Snorkeling




  • Guide/Driver
  • Fastboat Ticket Sanur-Penida go and return
  • Privat Tour
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Private Boat During snorkeling Tour
  • Mineral Water
  • Car with Aircondition  (AVANZA, Rush)
  • Lunch


Day 1 :

06.30 Meet point and we give the fastboat ticket

07:15 Prepare to Boarding to the Boat and heading to Nusa Penida

08:00 Arrive in Nusa Penida

08:15 Meet with Our Team and Prepare to Snorkeling Shop

Manta Bay

Crystal Bay

Gamat Bay

Wall Point

11.00 Finish Snorkeling Tour and Prepare go to get the lunch

11.30 Local Restaurant – Lunch

12.30 Go to Next Destination

Atuh Beach

Diamond Beach

Tree House Nusa Penida

15;30 Go back to the Port

16:30 Boarding to the Boat and Heading to sanur

(Time is approximate and subject to change)


Kebugaran yang wajar

For more information about what is needed, please contact us via WhatsApp

Include & Exclude

  • Guide/Driver
  • Antar Jemput dari hotel ke Pelabuhan Sanur
  • Tiket Fastboat Sanur-Penida PP
  • Privat Tour
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Private Boat During snorkeling Tour
  • Mineral Water
  • Car with Aircondition  (AVANZA, Rush)
  • Lunch


  • Not including hotel pick up and drop off, if needed there will be an additional fee
Will this trip be combined with other groups?

for this trip package will not be combined with other groups during the tour by car. Meanwhile, the fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida will use a public boat and for snorkeling they will use

Does it include shuttle to Sanur Harbor?

This package is complete with shuttle to Sanur Harbor.

What are the provisions for the payment system?

for the payment system we will collect on that day at Sanur Harbor before the departure of the fastboat

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Sightseeing Eastern and Snorkeling

Details Information

  • English & Indonesia
  • Private
  • 6
  • 06:00AM, 06:30AM, 07:00 AM pick up from your hotel

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